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Transcript of Records: Frequently Asked Questions

There are courses where you can get your grades via Campus Management, and there are courses where you have to collect a course certificate (in colloquial German: "Schein") from the course instructor and bring that course certificate to the International Office at the Law Department before your departure.

You will find that information for each course in the course descriptions that are available on the website
(at the bottom of each course description).

Please check Campus Management regularly.

For all other courses, please ask your course instructors when and where you can get your course certificate. Course certificates are usually distributed by the professors' secretaries during their office hours. As an alternative, your course instructor (or his or her secretary) may also send us your grade via e-mail. However, this e-mail has to be sent from an institutional account (i.e. FU account, a lawfirm's account, or a research institute's account). E-mails from private accounts (i.e. gmail, gmx) cannot be accepted.

Please ask your course instructors when your exams will be graded.

If you take an oral exam, your result will usually be available right after that exam.

The grading period for written exams is a lot longer, depending on class size. You will usually get your grade within a few days in small courses. However, in large classes, such as the core courses for regular German students, it can take up to six weeks before grades are available.

Please ask your home university when you will have to submit the transcript that you will get from Freie Universität Berlin. Should your home university require your transcript earlier than you expect to get your grades, please talk to your course instructors here at Freie Universität Berlin and ask if they can make your results available earlier.

Please collect your course certificates and bring them to the International Office at the Law Department at least two or three days before your departure. 

If all grades are complete, we will issue your transcript without delay so that you can take your hard copy home with you.

Please collect as many course certificates as you can and ask all other professors/secretaries to send the certificates to the International Office at the Law Department once they are ready.

Please bring all certificates that you were able to pick up to the International Office at the Law Department and tell us which are still missing. Once we have collected all missing certificates, we will issue your transcript, send you a copy as a pdf file and send the hard copy by postal mail.

We will issue one transcript for each student. You will get yours after two semesters.

Yes, the transcript enlists all courses that you have signed up for, and it also includes failing grades (0 - 3 points). However, should you pass an exam in your second attempt, the non-successful first attempt will not appear on your transcript.

A failing grade (0 points) will also appear on your transcript if you haven't gone to a scheduled exam and if you haven't signed out from that particular course until 14 days prior to that exam.

Please ask your course instructor if he or she would be willing to allow a second attempt. Should they say no, please contact the International Office at the Law Department.

Unfortunately we cannot tell, since this is at the discretion of your home university.

Every home university has its own conversion system. We are providing a conversion chart with our German legal grading scale and the ECTS-grades. It is then up to your home university to convert the ECTS-grades into your local grades, or to use a direct conversion from the German legal points into your local grades.