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About the Department

FU Wegweiser

FU Wegweiser
Image Credit: Ausserhofer

The Law Department at the Freie Universität Berlin is situated in Dahlem, a part of south western Berlin known for its exclusive residential areas and parks. Signs lead the way to the Law Department from the subway station "Thielplatz", which is within three minutes' walking distance.


More than 2,700 students, 19 full professors, 7 junior professors and approximately 100 honorary professors, lecturers, research assistants and staff make the Law Department one of the largest in Germany. Three Presidents of the Federal Constitutional Court, three Judges in the Constitutional Court for the state of Berlin, one president of the High Court Berlin and many advisers at the Supreme Court began their academic career as lecturers at Freie Universität Berlin or serve these institutions in addition to their occupation as lecturer at the Law Department.

 Due to its sheer size, the Law Department offers its students numerous courses in not only classic law areas of study such as roman law, but also modern areas of question, for example the legal aspects of data protection - a course offering above the standard courses offered by many other universities.

The Department’s library  holds a large collection of literature, jurisprudence collections, magazines and legal databases, to ensure very good research possibilities.

Researchers from the Department of Law work with colleagues from other departments of the Freie Universität and from research institutions outside the university in the collaborative research center SFB 700, the research network TOPOI and other projects.