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Lecturers by Institutes

Eingang Van't-Hoff Str.

Eingang Van't-Hoff Str.
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The Department of Law is subdivided into three institutes, so-called "Wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen" (WE). The institutes comprise the following legal fields:

WE 01: Civil law

Civil law, commercial law, civil procedural law, conflicts of law, comparative law, family law, labour law, insurance law, medical malpractice law, German and European business law, competition law, energy law; History of German and Roman law, legal theory, sociology of law


WE 02: Criminal law

Criminal law (esp. penal traffic law, economic offences, environmental law), criminal procedure, criminology, penology and philosophy of law


WE 03: Public law

General theory of the state, constitutional law, administrative law, public international law, European Community law, foreign public law, law of the natural living conditions