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Sitzungsraum des Fachbereichs

Sitzungsraum des Fachbereichs
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Dean's Office (Executive Board) of Department of Law

Dean: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Calliess LL.M. Eur

All appointments and appointment requests will be coordinated by Ms. Katrin Pfahl and Julie Zettlitz in the dean's office
(phone: +49 (30) 838-52188, mail: dekanat@rewiss.fu-berlin.de).

Vice Dean for Research: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thorsten Siegel

Vice Dean for Student Affairs: Univ.-Prof. Carsten Momsen

Head of Administration: Dr. Christine Vondenhoff

The Department Council

The department council is the central decision-making body of the department. It includes representatives from all groups of university members (Students, Academic and Non-Academic Staff, Professors). Issues of teaching, study, the allocation of professorships and other appointments are discussed here in addition to the discussion and drafting of future plans for the department.

Members and more information (German)