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Criminal Law and Criminology

Fair and Just Prosecutors in Berlin

From 7-12 May, 2019, a delegation of the non-profit organization „Fair and Just Prosecution – FJP“ will be in Berlin and also visit us at the Freie Universität Berlin. On May7, we'll have an introduction to German juvenile justice and prison law at the Law Department. On May 8, we'll welcome Liz Komar as a guest lecturer in a joint-session of the Law Clinic and the prison law course.

Out in 2017: Textbook on Juvenile Justice by Heribert Ostendorf and Kirstin Drenkhahn

The 9th edition of Heribert Ostendorf's textbook "Jugendstrafrecht" has been published in July 2017. This edition introduces Kirstin Drenkhahn as a co-author.

June 2018: One-week seminar at the FU - State Crime/Crimes of the Powerful

We're organising a one-week seminar on State Crime/Crimes of the Powerful, 18-23 June 2018, in Berlin. Students are invited to participate.


Research is focussed on living conditions in long-term imprisonment in the European Union and human rights issues of secure preventive detention.