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Mainstreaming crimes of the state within criminology

Although state crime has been a topic criminological research since the 1960s, it has not yet arrived in mainstream criminology. After two study says at the FU in February 2015 and a one-week course at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, Wolfgang Form and Kirstin Drenkhahn are organising an international seminar at the Freie Universität Berlin on "State crime: Crimes of the Powerful" (18-22 June 2018).

Although in some university programmes in “Criminology and Criminal Justice”, the criminology of state crime holds a prominent place, it has not yet arrived in mainstream criminology. Even though research has increased in recent years, this is particularly true in Continental Europe despite its rich and not so long ago history of war and totalitarian governments. In Continental Europe, research is mostly is restricted to state crime that comes before the International Criminal Court and other international tribunals while other phenomenons of state crime are left out.

The second Post-Graduate Course on State Crime: Crimes of the Powerful (18-22 June 2018) in Berlin is the part of our endeavour to mainstream the whole range of state crime phenomena in criminology. More than 20 students partipated and made this course a great success with their genuin interest in the complexity of the legal statutes and the social sciences approach to the topic.

For whom? This English language seminar is for advanced (Masters) students and for PhD students.

Where and when? Freie Universität Berlin, 18-22 June 2018.

Costs? Participants are responsible for travel and accommodation themselves. However, we'll try to organise private accommodation for incoming students in order to keep down costs. Students will still to pay a fee of 50 Euros for an excursion, snacks and a barbecue.

What exactly? We'll have talks by researchers on current research and students will have the opportunity to present a paper (e.g. PhD project or a seminar paper). The thematic focus will be on current situation of collective violence and atrocity crimes. There will be an excursion. A detailed programme is currently developed.

Deadline for submitting you on-page letter of motivation: 31 March 2018.

Students wishing to participate please contact:

Kirstin Drenkhahn, FUB (kirstin.drenkhahn@fu-berlin.de) or
Wolfgang Form, Uni Marburg (form@staff.uni-marburg.de)