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Scan tent to support scanning books with your own smartphone

Eines von vier Scanzelten in FU Bibliotheken

one of four scan tents in FU libraries
Image Credit: S. Wawrzyniak

Easy, free, and sustainable: scanning with scan-tents

News from Oct 06, 2021

In its Declaration on Climate Emergency of 2019, the Freie Universität Berlin set its goal of attaining climate neutrality by the year 2025. In this sense, the libraries support sustainable research, teaching and studying.

One idea is to reduce the number of printers and copiers and replace them with better scanning facilities. A corresponding pilot project is set to start with the winter semester: A scan tent is now available in the Campus Library, the Philological Library, here in the Law Library and in the Library for Social Sciences and Eastern European Studies.

Using it is intuitive and free of charge: install and open any document scanner app - position the medium in the scan tent and place the smartphone on top of the tent - scan according to the instructions of the app - done.

The tent can scan document formats up to A3 (equals to broadsheet).

If the tents prove to be reliable and are utilized often, the purchase of additional scan tents in other libraries at Freie Universität will be considered. Therefore, your feedback is very important to us. After using the tent for the first time, please take two minutes to give a short acknowledgement. You can find the link right next to the scan tents.

Thank you. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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