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Applying for the MBL

The MBL-FU is a master program. To apply, you must have an undergraduate degree. We give preference to applicants who hold a law degree. Since the MBL-FU is a highly specialized program, it is especially valuable to you if you have a sound interest (and maybe even some experience) in competition and/or regulatory law.

You can only apply via the university's application portal. Please note that we do not work with uni-assist. For more information on the application process, check out our section on the application procedure.

Please submit your application documents in either English or German. If your documents were originally issued in another language, we ask you to submit an English or German translation by a certified translator.

Please upload all requested application documents to the university’s application portal by the end of the application period. We do not accept documents sent by email or mail.

You must provide proof of at least one year of work experience. We acknowledge all kinds of professional experience, including internships, as long you performed the work after you completed your first university degree. Your experience is especially valuable to us if it is related to the subject areas of our program.

There is no age limit for admission to the MBL-FU program. All applicants that fulfill our admission requirements will be considered.

After receiving your application, the university’s Admission Office collects your data and transfers the application to our program’s Applications and Examinations Office. We will check whether form and content are correct. Please note that you are responsible for making sure your application is complete. The Admission Committee meets in May. By the end of May, we will email notifications of admission and information on the subsequent enrollment procedure. Rejection letters are sent by postal service.

The Admissions Committee meets in May. You will be informed about the status of your application by the end of May. We will email notifications of admission and send rejection letters by postal service.

We ask you to pay tuition for the first term upon admission to the program. Tuition for the second term are due in February but can be paid beforehand if desired. You need to proof payment of tuition and semester fees and contributions in order to enroll at the university. For more information, please check our section on tuition and fees.

If you decide to drop out of the program after you have been admitted but before the program starts, or if you interrupt the program during the first four weeks of the first semester, you will have to pay half the tuition for the first semester. Any additional payments which you may have made will be reimbursed. If you decide to drop out at a later point, you will have to pay tuition in full.

The semester fees and contributions cover the so-called "semester ticket" for local public transportation (tariff zones ABC). For more information, please check our section on tuition and fees.