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Application Procedure

Library of the FU

Library of the FU

You submit your application via the university’s application portal. When doing so, please comply with the following steps:

1. Create an account

You need an account on the university’s application portal in order to apply. As soon as the application period starts and the portal is activated, you can create your account here.

Please note that the link to the Application Portal is only activated during our application period. When filling out the application form, please ensure to select "winter term 2024-25" from the list. Only then will you be able to apply for the “European and International Business, Competition and Regulatory Law” degree.

2. Upload documents

Please upload all required documents to the portal. You can do so all at once or piece by piece until the end of the application period. If you choose to upload your documents time-delayed, you have to withdraw your application first, then upload the requested documents and eventually re-submit your application. We do not consider documents sent by post or email.

For your application to be complete, we need the following documents:

  • CV (tabular)
  • letter of motivation (including prospective research focus for master thesis)
  • university diploma, transcript of grades, diploma supplement (APS-certified, if requested)
  • proof of English language proficiency (see Admission Requirements for more information)
  • proof of postgraduate work experience.

If (some of) your documents were issued in a language other than German or English, we request that you submit the document as well as a translation into either German or English by a certified translator.

To upload your documents, please access your applicant account, using the login data you received after registering on the university’s application portal. Please note that you will have to wait for 24 hours after registration before you can use the upload function.

3. Check the application status

If you want to be considered for the program, you must upload your application, including all relevant documents, by the end of the application period on March 15. Until then, you can check the status of your application in your applicant account. As the portal does not send automatized notices of receipt, we will inform you individually at our earliest convenience about missing documents.

4. Receive notice

The admission board gathers in April. We do not admit students on a rolling basis. Admissions and rejections are sent out by late April/the beginning of May.