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Recommendations to Scholarship Holders

Student Records and Registration Office

Student Records and Registration Office
Image Credit: Grit Rother

The official length of a semester at Freie Universität Berlin is 6 months
(winter term: 1 October – 31 March; summer term: 1 April - 30 September).
However, most exchange students arrive a little earlier and leave considerably earlier.

We therefore recommend to all scholarship holders to communicate the following study periods to their scholarship awarding organization:

  • winter semester without intensive language course: 4,5 months (October to mid-February)
  • winter semester with intensive language course: 5,5 months (Septem­ber to mid-February)
  • summer semester without intensive language course: 3,5 months (April to mid-July)
  • summer semester with intensive language course: 4,5 months (March to mid-July)
  • full academic year without intensive language course: 9,5 months (October to mid-July)
  • full academic year with intensive language course: 10,5 months (September to mid-July)

Scholarship awarding organizations usually make their final account on the basis of a study period confirmation issued by Freie Universität Berlin at the end of the study abroad period. In this study period confirmation we can only confirm a student's attendance from the first day of the intensive language course or from the first day of the orientation period through the last day of the lecture period or through the day of the last exam.