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Foreign Language Skills for Exchange Students Studying Law

Mensa I

Mensa I
Image Credit: Grit Rother

Recommended Level of Foreign Language Skills for the Study of Law

Level B 2 of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages either in German and/or in English

Proof of Foreign Language Skills at Freie Universität Berlin

Freie Universität Berlin does not check the language level of exchange students before their arrival, but trusts its partner universities to select only students who have language skills at the B 2 level.

Proof of Foreign Language Skills at your Home University

Please check at your home university's Student Exchange Office, whether you need to prove the B 2 level at your home university already in the winter or spring, at the time of application for your stay abroad, or only in the summer or fall, at the time of departure from your home country.

Admission at Freie Universität Berlin with a Lower Level of Foreign Language Skills

Exchange students will be admitted by Freie Universität even if they cannot prove their language level by a language certificate or if the language certificate shows a lower level. If you do not have a language certificate when you register for studies at Freie Universität Berlin in the spring or summer before your stay abroad, you can submit a self-assessment in the online portal.