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Foreign Language Skills for Exchange Students Studying Law

Mensa I

Mensa I
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Recommended Level of Foreign Language Skills for the Study of Law

Level B2 of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages either in German and/or in English

Proof of Foreign Language Skills at Freie Universität Berlin

Erasmus students, Erasmus worldwide students, students studying in the Swiss-European Mobility Programme and Themis students from European partner universities:

When you register as an exchange student at Freie Universität Berlin you will have to provide proof of foreign language skills on the level B2 or higher. Should your language test not use the scale of the Common European Frame of Reference, you may present a test with another type of evaluation scale provided that this result can be converted into a language level according to the Common European Frame of Reference.

Students who wish to start at Freie Universität Berlin with the winter term in October will have to show their language certificate between May and July. Students wishing to start with the summer term in April will be asked to turn in their proof of language skills between November and January.

Erasmus students, students within the Swiss-European Mobility Programme, and students from European Themis universities submit their proof of foreign language at the central-level Erasmus Incoming Office via incoming@fu-berlin.de.

Erasmus-Worldwide students submit their proof of foreign language at the central-level Erasmus Worldwide Office via erasmusworld@fu-berlin.de.

Direct exchange students (university-wide agreements), scholars, students in overseas law-to-law exchange programs, and non-European Themis students:

Freie Universität Berlin does not check the language level of this group of exchange students. The Incoming Office trusts its partner universities to select only students who have language skills at the B2 level.