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Exam Schedule

Lesesaal FB-Bibliothek

Lesesaal FB-Bibliothek
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Ground Rule: Final Exam in the Last Week of the Lecture Period

Exams for exchange students usually take place once a course has been finished, in the last week of the lecture period. → Link: Academic Calendar

Exception 1: Final Exam in Courses Which End Before the Last Week of the Lecture Period

Should a course end earlier, the final exam in this course will take place at the end of this course, usually in the last course session. If you wish to find out when a course is going to begin and to end, please check out our course catalogue → Link: Course Catalogue (please click on "Fachbereiche" and on "Staatsexamensstudiengang" - "Rechtswissenschaft (SPO 2015)")

Exception 2: Final Exams with the Regular German Students After the End of the Lecture Period

Written exams for the following modules

  • Einführung in das Bürgerliche Recht (winter semester)
  • Allgemeines Schuldrecht (summer semester)
  • Besonderer Teil des Schuldrechts (winter semester)
  • Zivilverfahrensrecht (winter semester)
  • Einführung in das Strafrecht I und Delikte gegen die Person (winter semester)
  • Vermögensdelikte und weitere ausgewählte Delikte (winter semester)
  • Strafverfahrensrecht (winter semester)
  • Einführung in das Öffentliche Recht (winter semester)
  • Grund- und Menschenrechte (summer semester)
  • Materien des Besonderen Verwaltungsrechts (summer semester)
  • Europarecht und internationale Bezüge des Grundgesetzes (winter semester)
  • Römisches Recht und Europäische Rechtsgeschichte (winter semester)
  • Rechtstheorie - Grundlagen (summer semester)

take place during the three weeks following the end of the lecture period → Link: Academic Calendar. The exam dates will be announced in class, and the exam schedule will be made available on the Law Department's website (please check the box "Aktuelles").

The exam for the English-taught course

  • Introduction to the U.S. Law and Legal System

is going to take place on the Monday following the end of the lecture period → Link: Academic Calendar.

Exception 3: Presentations and Essays During the Lecture Period

In smaller classes students are usually required to write a paper and to present the results of their research to fellow students orally.

Oral presentations take place during the seminar sessions. The schedule will be determined by the course instructor. Papers will have to be submitted one week before the particular oral presentation, or before another general deadline which will be determined by the course instructor and which will be announced in class.

If you wish to find out whether your preferred courses do have an oral presentation and/or essay or not, please check out the information about exams in our course descriptions. → Link: "Courses for exchange students" at the bottom of this page

Should incoming exchange students leave Berlin before the regular exam date, we will not be able to guarantee that an earlier exam will be possible!