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When should I start to sign up for courses?

It will be technically possible to sign up for courses from the first workday of the new semester. However, we recommend that you wait with your course registration until you have taken part in our info session during the orientation days. During the orientation days at the Law Department we will show you the Campus Managment registration procedure and we will book your courses together.

Exception in the summer term 2020:
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we will not be able to offer a Campus Management workshop, as all orientation activities have been cancelled.
You can start to register for your courses on Campus Management, once you have read the chapters "Course Selection" and "Course Registration" in our online tutorial for exchange students. You will receive an invitation for this online tutorial in the first half of April via e-mail. In order to take part in the online tutorial, you need to be enrolled and must have activated your FU account.