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Guest Visits of Administrative Staff at the Law Department of Freie Universität Berlin

Law Library - View from the Veggie Mensa

Law Library - View from the Veggie Mensa
Image Credit: Grit Rother

Time Frame and Duration

Visits of administrative staff from foreign universities usually last one week. Guest visits may be organized all around the year, but not during the Christmas holidays.

The beginning and the end of our lecture periods (October, February, April, July) are usually very busy and might not be a good point of time either. But if your host agrees to welcome you during these periods, you may choose a week during these months.


During their visit at the Law Department of Freie Universität Berlin guests should work in the same area as they do at home. Visitors may work in the Law Library, in Secretaries' Offices, in the Administration, for the IT-Service or in the Study Advisory and Examination Office. The most beneficial way to organize staff trainings is job shadowing where visitors work closely with a collegue from Freie Universität Berlin who is in a similar role. In addition to helping with your hosts tasks, your host may organize other activities such as a campus tour, meetings with students, meetings with other colleagues, a visit to the Career Center, or a visit to the Self-Learning Laboratory and Media Library of the Language Center.

Language Skills

German language skills will be a huge asset, but they are not strictly necessary. You should share one language with your host. This will be English most of the time, but may also be Spanish or French.


Funding will be provided by your home university. Please contact your local Erasmus Coordinator or International Office for more information.

If you are from a European university, you may visit Freie Universität Berlin even if your home university and Freie Universität Berlin do not have a partnership agreement.

If you are from a university outside Europe, your home university and Freie Universität Berlin must be partners in the Erasmus worldwide program.

Application Procedure

When you apply for funding at your home university, you will need to provide a Mobility Agreement with the approval of your visiting period and of your planned activities by your host at Freie Universität Berlin.

Therefore, the first step is to contact a potential host at Freie Universität Berlin. Please do some research on our websites and write an e-mail to a person which seems to be suitable for a fruitful exchange.

Law Library


Study Advisory and Examination Office


Secretaries' Offices: Please go to a professor's website. You will find information about each professor's secretary under the section "Mitarbeiter" or "Team".

Please suggest a time frame for your visit and mention a few activities that you would like to carry out at Freie Universität Berlin.

Once your guest visit has been approved, please contact the Erasmus Coordinator or the International Office at your home university in order to get the form for the Mobility Agreement. Once you have completed the Mobility Agreement, you can apply for funding at your home university.