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GLEA 2021 Conference Schedule

22 and 23 July, 2021, online

Each session (of three papers) lasts 75min: 15 per presentation, 5 for the comment, 5 for questions (time is GMT+2 = CEST).

Thursday, July 22, 2021   

5pm-6.15pm Session 1A Alexander Wulf and Ognyan Seizov     Tim Friehe, Elisabeth Schulte and
Eric Langlais
Florian Baumann, Tim Friehe and Tobias Wenzel
  Consumer Law How to Improve Consumers’ Reading Rates, Understanding, and Retention of Legal Information Online. Insights from a Behavioral Experiment Firm Liability When Third Parties and Consumers Incur Cumulative Harm (Mis)perceptions of Consumer Rights: Implications for Efficiency and Redistribution
  Chair: Tim Friehe Comment by Tobias Wenzel Comment by Robin Christmann Comment by Michal Šoltés
  Session 1B Josef Montag and Stepan Mikula Jerg Gutmann, Léa Marchal
and Betül Simsek
Chiara Natalie Focacci
and Enrico Santarelli
  Employment and migration Roma and Bureaucrats: A Field Experiment in the Czech Republic Do rights matter in migration decisions? Inference based on gender differences Job Training, Remote Working, and Self-Employment: Displaced Workers Beyond Employment Hysteresis
  Chair: Sven Hoeppner Comment by Sergio Mittlaender Comment by Chiara Natalie Focacci Comment by Sonja Mangold

Opening remarks and online reception on Wonder

Friday, July 23, 2021 
9am-10.15am Session 2A Libor Dušek and Christian Traxler Hans-Bernd Schäfer and Ram Singh Florian Dreyer and Jochen Bigus
  Crime/enforcement Swiftness of Punishment Equal protection versus efficient security against crime: Differences and unintended consequences Country-level accounting enforcement and IPO underpricing
  Chair: Alon Harel Comment by Pascal Langenbach Comment by Alon Harel Comment by Nitzan Shilon
  Session 2B Anna Maria Sekula Robin Christmann and Roland Kirstein Rok Spruk, Fernando Gómez Pomar and Adrián Segura Moreiras
  Litigation Strategic litigation and reform in global legal pluralism. An (exploratory) empirical study of climate litigation cases in comparative perspective You go First! – Coordination Problems and the Standard of Proof in Inquisitorial Prosecution Litigation and the Mortgage Market: Evidence from Spain
  Chair: Roland Kirstein Comment by Adrian Segura Comment by Andreas Polk Comment by Roee Sarel
10.30am-11.45am Session 3A Gerhard Wagner Sergio Mittlaender

Julien Jacob, Sarah van Driessche, Mathieu Lefebvre and
Eve-Angéline Lambert

  Liability Double Liability for Autonomous Vehicles? Retaliation, Remedies, and Torts Information disclosure under liability: an experiment on public bads
  Chair: Georg von Wangenheim Comment by Luigi Franzoni Comment by Roland Kirstein Comment by Bernhard Ganglmair
  Session 3B Eyal Zamir and Doron Teichman Roee Sarel and Jan-Philip Elm Jakub Drápal and Michal Šoltés
  Human Behavior

The Exponential Growth Bias: Mathematics, Psychology and Law

Partially Right Means Generally Wrong: Why Some Covid-19 Mitigation Strategies Keep on Failing

Sentencing Decisions Around Quantity Thresholds: Theory and Experiment

  Chair: Jochen Bigus Comment by Hanjo Hamann Comment by Thomas Eger Comment by Jochen Bigus
12pm-1pm Keynote Presentation Niels Petersen (University of Münster): The Empirical Turn in Legal Scholarship
  Chair: Anna-Bettina Kaiser
2pm-3.15pm Session 4A Florian Baumann and Frank Fagan  Eyal Zamir and Ori Katz Yun-Chien Chang and Geoffrey Miller
  Judicial Decisions Publication Rules and Judicial Candor
 Substituting Invalid Contract Terms: Theory and Preliminary Findings Things Fall Apart: Decay of Precedent in State Supreme Courts
  Chair: Yun-chien Chang Comment by Johannes Jiang Comment by Yun-chien Chang Comment by Vera Shikhelman
  Session 4B

Pascal Langenbach and
Yoan Hermstrüwer

Thomas Eger, Armin Mertens and
Marc Scheufen

Jens Frankenreiter
  Digitalization Fair Governance with Humans and Machines Publication Cultures and the Citation Impact of Open versus Closed Access The Missing “California Effect” in Data Privacy Law
  Chair: Jens Frankenreiter Comment by Alessio Azzutti Comment by Yen Hai Nguyen Comment by Peter McColgan
3.30pm-4.30pm Keynote Presentation Jennifer Arlen (NYU): The Essential Role of Empirical Analysis in Developing Law and Economics Theory
  Chair: Andreas Engert
4.45pm-6pm Session 5A Sven Hoeppner  Nitzan Shilon Luigi Franzoni and Arun Kaushik
  Contracts Compensation and Incentives to Breach  Pay for Destruction: The Executive Compensation Arrangements That Encourage Value-Decreasing Stock Buybacks Lost Profts and Unjust Enrichment damages for the misappropriation of trade secrets
  Chair: Luigi Franzoni Comment by Armin Kammel Comment by Maria Grigoropoulou Comment by Andreas Engert
  Session 5B Laura Birg and Jan S. Voßwinkel

Piotr Bystranowski, Alon Harel and
Alexander Morell

Jerg Gutmann, Anna Lewczuk,
Jacek Lewkowicz and Stefan Voigt

  Governance Non-Compliance with Environmental Product Standards in an International Duopoly Democratic Judicial Interventionism Culture and constitutional compliance
  Chair: Niels Petersen Comment by Julien Jacob Comment by Anna Maria Sekuła Comment by Niels Petersen