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Prof. Dr. Bertram Lomfeld

Lomfeld 2023 j

Department of Law

Chair of Private Law, Intellectual Property, Comparative Law and Fundamentals of Law


Civil Law | Intellectual Property | Global Business Law | Comparative Law | Philosophy of Law | Sociology of Law | Legal Economics | Legal Informatics

Van't-Hoff-Str. 8
Room 318
14195 Berlin

Office hours

Thursdays 4 - 5 pm (online) 

For an appointment with Prof. Lomfeld, please contact sekretariat.lomfeld@rewiss.fu-berlin.de . 


Frankfurt University, Ph.D. in law (supervisor: Teubner), summa cum laude, 2007-2013
Berlin High Court, legal clerkship & second state examination in law, 2009-2011
Paris Collège Internationale de Philosophie, political philosophy & economy,2006
Munich & Frankfurt University, philosophy (i.a. Habermas), sociology & economics, 2003-2006
Heidelberg University, first state examination in law (LL.M. equivalent), 2002
Vienna University, Roman law & ELTE University Budapest, comparative law, 2000-2001
Paris I Sorbonne, international law & Paris II Assas, philosophy of law (DEA course), 1999-2000
EHESS Paris, philosophy (Derrida) & Collège de France, sociology (Bourdieu), 1999
Cambridge University, research student, Clare Hall College, philosophy of law, 1998
Heidelberg University, undergraduate in law (B.A. equivalent), 1996-1998


Free University Berlin [FUB], professor for private law & foundations of law, since 2013
FU Empirical Legal Studies Center (FUELS), co-foundation and co-director, since 2019

Humboldt University Berlin, Humanities and Social Change (HSC) fellowship, winter 2018/19
Harvard Law School, visiting scholar Institute for Global Law & Policy, spring 2018
Columbia Law School, international visiting professor, spring 2017
Sciences Po Paris Law School, visiting professor, spring 2016

Rostock University, lecturer of law, 2011-2013
Cologne University, research fellow, 2009-2010
Frankfurt/Main University, visiting lecturer, 2005-2006
LUISS University Rome, visiting lecturer & UNIDROIT Rome, research fellow, 2004-2005


Young Academy of Europe (YAE), elected fellow, 2020 (yacadeuro.org/lomfeld/)
European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant (1st German ERC-STG within law), 2020
Humanities and Social Change Fellowship, Humboldt University Berlin, 2018
VG Wort PhD Award and scholarship for book publication, 2014
German Research Foundation (DFG), PhD scholarship, 2007-2009
Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation (FES), graduate & postgraduate scholarship 1998-2001 & 2003-2006
Heidelberg University, Cambridge research scholarship, 1998
EU scholarship for Europe 2020 Youth Conference, Oxford Jesus College, 1997
Scheffel Award of Baden-Württemberg for A-Levels, 1994

WS 23/24 LECTURE Patent Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  LECTURE Insolvency Law
  LECTURE Legal Theory (Focus 01)
SS 2023 REVIEW COURSE System of the German Civil Code according to the basis of claims (Basis-Examinatorium Civil Law)
  COLLOQUIUM Patent Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Intellectual Property 
  LECTURE & PRACTICE SEMINAR Legal Theory - Basics 
WS 22/23 LECTURE Patent Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  LECTURE Insolvency Law
SS 2022 REVIEW COURSE System of the German Civil Code according to the basis of claims (Basis-Examinatorium Civil Law)
  COLLOQUIUM Patent Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Legal Theory on cases (Focus 01 Legal Theory)
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Intellectual Property 
WS 21/22 LECTURE Patent Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  LECTURE Foundations and System Intellectual Property
  LECTURE Special Law of Obligations: Unjust Enrichment 
  SEMINAR Political Economies of Civil Law
SS 2021 REVIEW COURSE System of the German Civil Code according to the basis of claims (Basis-Examinatorium Civil Law)
  COLLOQUIUM Patent Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Legal Theory on cases (Focus 01 Legal Theory) 
WS 20/21 LECTURE Overview and System Intellectual Property (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  LECTURE Patent Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  LECTURE and PRACTICE SEMINAR Civil Procedure (including Foreclosure Law) 
  LECTURE and SEMINAR Ethical and Legal Challenges in AI and Data Science (cooperation with the Department of Computer Science ) - in English-
  LECTURE Global Economic Constitution: Private Law Principles of Economic Systems (MBL Business, Competition and Regulatory Law) - in English-
SS 2020 REVIEW COURSE System of the German Civil Code according to the basis of claims (Basis-Examinatorium Civil Law)
  COLLOQUIUM Patent Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Legal Theory on cases (Focus 01 Legal Theory) 
  SEMINAR Property Law, Intellectual Property and Company Law: Law of the Commons
WS 19/20 LECTURE Overview and System Intellectual Property (Focus 03  Intellectual Property)
  LECTURE Patent Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  LECTURE Insolvency Law
  LECTURE and PRACTICE SEMINAR Civil Procedure (including Foreclosure Law) 
  LECTURE Law, Economics & Society (MBL Business, Competition and Regulatory Law) - in English-
SS 2019 REVIEW COURSE Specialisation in Civil Law II (Examinatorium) 
  SEMINAR Property Right: Property Law, Intellectual Property, Data Law (Focus 03 Intellectual Property)
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Legal Theory on cases (Focus 01 Legal Theory)
  COLLOQUIUM (Focus 01 Legal Theory)
WS 18/19 [On leave for Humanities and Social Change (HSC) Fellowship, Humboldt University of Berlin]
SS 2018 REVIEW COURSE Specialisation in Civil Law II (Examinatorium) 
  SEMINAR Insolvency Law (Focus 02 Private Consumer Law, Focus 03 Company Law, Focus 07 International Law)
  LECTURE Legal Theory
  CRASH COURSE Insolvency Law
  LECTURE Global Economic Constitution: Private Law Principles of Economic Systems (MBL Business, Competition and Regulatory Law) - in English-
SS 2017 SEMINAR Insolvency Law (Focus 02 Private Consumer Law, Focus 03 Company Law, Focus 07 International Law)
  LECTURE Legal Theory
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Privatrechtstheorie an Fällen (Focus 01 Legal Theory)
  COLLOQUIUM (Focus 01 Legal Theory)
WS 16/17

LECTURE Civil Procedure (including Foreclosure Law, Insolvency Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution)

  LECTURE Privatrechtstheorie (Focus 01 Legal Theory)

LECTURE Law, Economics & Society: The Legal Foundations of Capitalism (MBL Business, Competition and Regulatory Law) - in English-

  LECTURE Foundations of Legal Theory
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Private Law Theory on cases (Focus 01 Legal Theory)
  COLLOQUIUM (Focus 01 Legal Theory)
WS 15/16 LECTURE Civil Procedure (including Foreclosure Law, Insolvency Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  LECTURE Private Law Theory and Constitutional Theory (Focus 01 Legal Theory)
  LECTURE Economic Constitution: The Institutional Framework of Market Economies (MBL) -English-
SS 2015 LECTURE Civil Procedure (including Foreclosure Law, Insolvency Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  LECTURE Philosophy of Law
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Jurisprudential Practice (Focus 01 Philosophy of Law)
WS 14/15 SEMINAR ›Sense of Justice‹ (Focus 01 Legal Theory) 
  LECTURE Sociology of Law
SS 2014 LECTURE Civil Procedure (including Foreclosure Law, Insolvency Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution) 
  LECTURE Philosophy of Law
  PRACTICE SEMINAR Jurisprudential Practice (Focus 01 Philosophy of Law)
WS 13/14 LECTURE Sociology of Law
  SEMINAR ›Theories of Justice‹ (Focus 01 Philosophy of Law)
SS 2013    LECTURE German Civil Code BGB II - General Law of Obligations 
WS 12/13 LECTURE Law and Economics (Rostock University))
SS 2012 LECTURE Sociology of Law (Rostock University)
WS 11/12 LECTURE Law and Economics (Rostock University))

WS 05/06 SEMINAR International Commercial Arbitration (Frankfurt/ Main University)
SS 2005 SEMINAR Global Contract Law (LUISS University Rome) -English-
WS 04/05 LECTURE Jurisprudence (LUISS University Rome) -English-


Freie Universität Empirical Legal Studies Centre (FUELS) 


RESOLVENCY: A Global Theory of Reflexive Debt (Deliberation)  |  ERC Starting Grant 

The Laws of Social Cohesion  |  Berlin University Alliance (BUA) Exzellenznetzwerk

Normativität, Kritik, Wandel  |  DFG Graduiertenkolleg 2638, Kooperation FU, HU & UdK 

Recht der digitalen Solidarität  |  Cooperation Freie Universität Berlin & Universität Zürich (UZH) 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Law  |  Cooperation Freie Universität Berlin & King's College London (KCL)

Reasonable Machines: Moral & Legal Reasoning in AI  |  Cooperation with the Department of Computer Science 

Eigentum auf Zeit  |  Cooperation with the Dapartment of Philosophy


Private Law

Fundamental structures and institutions of private law 

Theory of forms of property 

Private law & digital transformation, e.g. date ownership, AI

Intellectual Property

Foundations of intellectual property 

Patent law and technology control 

Barrier systems and limitation: patent law, copyright law, trademark law 

Global Economic Law

Debt structures and insolvency law 

Cultures of property

Transnational law & arbitration

Comparative Law

Quantitative comparative law 

Qualitative (›discursive‹) comparative law

Philosophy of Law

Law & (plural theories of) justice

Methodology & (legal-ethical) principles

Normativity in law and arts

Sociology of Law

Critical legal studies, law & society, legal anthropology  

Sense of justice & judgment theory 

Diskursanalyse juristischer Urteile

Law and Economics

Institutional foundations of the market (legal institutionalism)

Common goods (commons & anticommons)

Comparative political economy (varieties of capitalism)

Legal Informatics

Formalisation of legal trade-offs 

Law & artificial intelligence (AI)


Eigentum denken: Eigentumstheorien in globaler Perspektive, (Hrsg. und verfasst mit Dan Wielsch) erscheint 2021 (Mohr Siebeck).

Die Fälle der Gesellschaft: Eine neue Praxis soziologischer Jurisprudenz, (Hrsg.) 2017 (Mohr Siebeck).

Rezensionen & Diskussion:       Thomas Vesting, Rudolf Wiethölter & Ricardo Campos, Die (Un-)Möglichkeit einer politischen Rechtstheorie, Frankfurter rechtstheoretisches Kolloquium, drei Sitzungen über das Buch im Frühjahr 2018.

Reshaping Markets: Economic Governance, the Global Financial Crisis and Liberal Utopia, (Hrsg. mit Alessandro Somma u. Peer Zumbansen) Cambridge 2016 (Cambridge University Press). 

Rezensionen & Diskussion:       Kangle Zhang, Book Review, 27 Social & Legal Studies (2018) 124-127.

Die Gründe des Vertrages: Eine Diskurstheorie der Vertragsrechte, Tübingen 2015 (Mohr Siebeck).

Rezensionen & Diskussion:       Looschelders, Rezension, 217 AcP 156-164 (2017); Weller & Schäfer, Rezension, JZ 2017, 299-301.

The Public Dimension of Contract: Contractual Pluralism Beyond Privity (Hrsg. mit Dan Wielsch), Durham, USA 2013 (Duke University).

Rezensionen & Diskussion:       Steve Hedley, Private Law Theory Blog, http://private-law- theory.org, 2013

Rechtsphilosophische Kontroversen der Gegenwart, (Hrsg. mit Peter Siller), Baden-Baden 1999 (Nomos) [unter Geburtnamen: Keller].

Rezensionen & Diskussion:       Thomas Nitzsche, Rezension, Portal für Politikwissenschaft, http://pw-portal.de/rezension/13478-rechtsphilosophische- kontroversen-der-gegenwart_16148, 2006


Verantwortungseigentum! Der Gesetzesentwurf zur GmbH mit gebundenem Vermögen, Verfassungsblog, Open Access unter: https://verfassungsblog.de/verantwortungseigentum/ (2021)

Encoding Legal Balancing: Automating an Abstract Ethico-Legal Value Ontology in Preference Logic, zusammen mit Christoph Benzmüller und David Fuenmayor, Conference Paper bei KR 2020, eingeladene Einreichung für Artificial Intelligence & Law [Preprint: https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.12789]

Träumen vernünftige Maschinen von Gründen?, zusammen mit Christoph Benzmüller, in: Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Schriftenreihe #Verantwortung KI, Band 3, Berlin 2020 [Preprint: https://doi.org/10.13140/RG.2.2.26808.57604]

Versprechen als Vertrag: Skizze eines rechtlichen Expressionismus in zehn Bildern, in: Albers, Harst & Kaesling (Hg.), Wortgebunden. Verbindlichkeit von Versprechen in Recht und Literatur, Frankfurt/M: Klostermann, 347-372 (2020)

Reasonable Machines: A Research Manifesto (mit Christoph Benzmüller), in: KI 2020: Advances in Artificial Intelligence (Proceedings 43rd German Conference on Artificial Intelligence), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Berlin: Springer, 251-258 (2020) [Preprint: https://dx.doi.org/10.13140/RG.2.2.28918.63045]

Grammatik der Rechtfertigung: Eine kritische Rekonstruktion der Rechts(fort)bildung, 52 Kritische Justiz (KJ), gleichzeitig Festschrift für Rudolf Wiethölter zum 90. Geburtstag, 516-527 (2019)

Demokratische Miet-Bestimmung: Bremsen, Deckel und Vergemeinschaftung, Verfassungstheoretischer Kommentar zum Gesetzesentwurf über feste Mietobergrenzen in Berlin, Verfassungsblog, Open Access unter: https://verfassungsblog.de/demokratische-miet-bestimmung (2019)

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Wem gehören intelligente Roboter? Eine Fallbesprechung, 59 Juristische Schulung (JuS) 372-378 (2019)

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Übersetzungen aus dem Englischen und Französischen (u.a. Martti Koskenniemi, Don Tapscott, Daniel Markovits und Jacques Rancière). 


Politische Ökonomie des Technologieschutz im Bereich künstlicher Intelligenz, Technische Universität Berlin 2020/11

A Meta-Structure of Collective Reasoning: Comment on Hobbes and Gauthier, Digital Workshop ›Social Contract Theory‹, Yale Law School and Université Paris 2 (Assas) 2020/07.

Coding Ethics: A Novel Approach to Regulate Artificial Intelligence, Workshop, Institute for Digital Humanities, EPFL Lausanne 2020/02. 

Strukturen von Eigentum (von Privaten, Staaten und Gemeinschaften), Workshop, Goethe Institut, Berlin 2019/11.

Antwort(ver)suche eines lesenden Recht-Fertigungs-Schülers, Eröffnungsvortrag der Vorlesungsreihe zu Ehren von Rudolf Wiethölters 90. Geburtstag, Frankfurt/M 2019/04.

A Discursive Grammar of Global (International) Contract (and Treaty) Law, Workshop Harvard University & WIKO, Berlin 2019/03.

Wem gehören die Algorithmen? Eigentumsverhältnisse im digitalen Kapitalismus, Neujahrstagung ›Technik & Gesellschaft‹ der Grünen Akademie, Berlin 2019/02.

Property and Market, CGS Workshop Hebrew University of Jerusalem & FU Berlin 2018/12.

Affects of Law: Critique of Pure Legality, Internationale Konferenz ›Key Legal Concepts in Law, History & Literature‹, FU Berlin, 2018/11.

Eine diskursive Grammatik des Eigentums, Fachbereichs-Seminar Rechtswissenschaften, FU Berlin 2018/11.

Digital Humanities & Law, Workshop, Institute for Digital Humanities, EPFL Lausanne, 2018/08.

Towards A Grammar of (Digital) Property, Fachbereich Philosophie, HU Berlin, 2018/07.

Beyond To Pay or Not to Pay: the Global Political Economy of Debt, Harvard Law School, Global Law Conference, Juni 2018.

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