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Past Projects and Conferences

Cover des Programms für den 30. Jugendgerichtstag in Berlin


During the past years, the team has (co-)organised several conferences that we like to remember. In 2013, the first meeting of the ESC Working Group on Prison Life & the Effects of Imprisonment took place at the FUB, in 2016 we organised a symposium on juvenile justice together with the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, and in 2017, the FUB hosted the 30th Deutscher Jugendgerichtstag.

30th Deutscher Jugendgerichtstag - conference for researchers and practioners in juvenile justice

The 30th Deutscher Jugendgerichtstag took place at the FUB from 14 to 17 September 2017. This also was the 100th anniversary of the DVJJ (German Asociation of Youth Judges and Youth Court Services). The Deutscher Jugendgerichtstag is the most important conference for all professions that are concerned with youth criminal proceedings, that work with young offenders or do research on juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice. The conference provided an opportunity to get information about and discuss current topics, find out about new initiatives and best practices and talk with colleagues as well as people from other professions and institututions in the field. The FUB hosted more than 800 participants mostly from youth welfare and court services, the judiciary and the police. The Deutscher Jugendgerichtstag is organised by the DVJJ. For more information visit the DVJJ website.

Slides of the presentations in Working Group 4 on the EU directive 2016/800 (procedural safeguards for children in criminal proceedings) as pdf files (in German):

Berliner Symposium zum Jugendkriminalrecht und seiner Praxis, April 12/13, 2016

In cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, the FUB organised a Symposium on Juvenile Justice: Law and Practice which was held on April 12 and 13, 2016, in the Henry Ford Building. This conference took up a tradition of joint conference of the Federal Ministry of Justice and the research community on juvenile justice and consisted of presentations and discussion about restorative justice, influences of EU law making on juvenile justice on the national level, problems of empirical research in this field and on unaccompanied minor refugees. The proceedings of the symposium can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Ministry (in German, link to proceedings on the Ministry's website).

ESC Working Group „Prison Life and the Consequences of Imprisonment“

On April 14 and 15, 2013 the first meeting of the ESC Working Group „Prison Life & the Effects of Imprisonment“ outside of an ESC annual conference took place at the FUB. The group welcomes ESC members who are interested in prison researcher and like to talk about it with others. More Infos: on the website of the European Society of Criminology and of the Working Group.