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Introductions - Tours - Courses

Entrance to the reading rooms of the Law Library

Entrance to the reading rooms of the Law Library
Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

Guided tours - database introductions - classes on legal research and use of digital and print resources

There are a variety of introductions into the use of library catalogues and legal databases, tours of the library and classes for in-depth legal research techniques especially using databases and the internet. Most of these offers are in German.

In cooperation with our international office, we provide a number of introductory tours and courses in English language. However, you are welcome to contact us directly, if you are interested in any introduction in English language for yourself or for a course you teach. We would like to assist you in your own research intests. Please contact the library preferably by E-Mail [bibliothek@rewiss.fu-berlin.de] or contact the front desk.

Zugang zur Datenbank beck-online (im Rahmen der Lizenzbedingungen - nicht über WLAN/LAN möglich)
Zugang zur Datenbank LexisNexis Academic
LInk zur Virtuellen Fachbibliothek Recht der Staatsbibliothek Berlin (ViFa-Recht)