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Use of doctoral students' reserve materials by other users - contact front desk

Doctoral students at the Department are permitted to check out up to 20 books to workstations reserved for them. These materials are shown in the online catalog with the relevant due date. Even users who do not have permission to check out materials can reserve these materials, thereby preventing them from being renewed, so they can read the works themselves afterwards, at least in the reading room (reservation for short-term checkout).

Please do not take any books from the desks reserved for doctoral students on your own. In urgent cases in which you cannot wait for the materials to be due for return, please see the staff at the desk in the entry area. From there, staff members can promptly contact the users of the relevant workstations reserved for doctoral students.

The workstations reserved for doctoral students themselves should always be left in clean and tidy condition so that other users can work there if the doctoral student in question is not at the library.

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