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Veröffentlichungshinweis: Calliess/Tuncel - The Role of Article 11 TFEU in the Greening of the ECB’s Monetary Policy

News vom 06.04.2023

Prof. Dr. Calliess hat gemeinsam mit Wiss. Mit. Tuncel einen englischsprachigen Aufsatz mit dem Titel

"The Role of Article 11 TFEU in the Greening of the ECB’s Monetary Policy"

im German Law Journal veröffentlicht.

Zusammenfassung: The European Green Deal and the European Climate Law highlight the EU’s commitment to strive for carbon neutrality. Considering the magnitude of the global challenge, it is evident that a green transition will not succeed without the efforts of every sector, including financial institutions. Concerns have been raised that central banks may, in fact, contribute to the increase of greenhouse gas emissions and, in consequence, aggravate global warming. This all has currently resulted in a rapid expansion of the debate on the potential role of central banks, and in particular the ECB, to consider climate objectives. In the European context, however, it is often argued that environmental sustainability lies outside the ECB’s traditional core mandate to focus on price stability. This article aims to introduce the environmental integration principle, laid down in Article 11 TFEU, in the ECB’s legal framework, and provide an analysis of the possibilities for and limitations to the greening of the ECB's monetary policy based on this provision. Although Article 11 TFEU has great potential with regards to the greening of sectoral policies, in legal literature, the provision has not gained enough academic attention in terms of the financial sector.

Der Artikel kann hier abgerufen werden: German Law Journal, First View, S. 1 - 29. doi:10.1017/glj.2023.17.

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