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FU Law Clinic "Practice of Criminal Defense" / Law Clinic "Post Conviction"

Welcome to FU Law Clinic!



The FU Law Clinic "Practice of Criminal Defense" is an interactive and stimulating project that introduces participants to the practice of criminal defense during their studies. The project takes up a form of learning successful in the USA based on self-initiative and practice-oriented work on real cases. On the following pages you can get an impression of the wide-ranging possibilities offered to you within the framework of the FU Law Clinic.

With the new Post-Conviction Clinic we want to introduce students to post-conviction legal counseling in criminal cases. The Law Clinic runs for one academic year. In the winter term, a seminar with regular appointments during the lecture period and a block at the end of the lecture period will introduce students to problems encountered by convicts during the enforcement of sentences. The focus is on the execution of sentences and retrial. In the following semesters, participants will be given the opportunity to actively participate in the review of possible miscarriages of justice.