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Private Visit to the Law Library

This might be the right option for you, if you come for a short visit only, or if you do not find a supervisor.

Status of the Visitor

Our Law Library is a public library which is open to everyone. If you come as a private user, you won't be an official guest of the university or of the Law School. That means that we cannot provide you with official letters, i.e. a letter of invitation, or a confirmation of your research period.

Services available to a Private User

You may use the lockers outside the Law Library, all desks in the library and books that you can find on the shelves.

Services not available to a Private User

You will not be allowed to take books home.

Desktop computers in the library's PC Pools can only be used with an FU account which private library users do not have. Please bring your laptop.

Access to electronic databases requires an FU account which private users do not have.