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Master's Programs

Graduation Day at Hastings College of the Law

Graduation Day at Hastings College of the Law
Image Credit: Katharina Erbe

After graduation many former law students wish to obtain a further qualification. A one-year post-graduate LL.M.-program at a foreign law school is an efficient way to achieve that goal.

The LL.M. is an internationally recognized post-graduate law degree that qualifies for an international career. LL.M. students can either explore a range of subject areas and acquire a deep understanding of another legal system, or they can concentrate on a particular field of law they wish to specialize in, i.e. tax law, insurance law, or human rights.

Apart from academic aspects, the added value of a post-graduate Master's program is that LL.M. candidates usually come from many parts of the world and that they can learn about a variety of legal cultures.

A post-graduate Master's degree can be an important asset on the competitive labor market. It shows that a job candidate is fluent in a foreign language and is able to work in a multi-national or multi-cultural environment.