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Generally qualified graduates from abroad are welcome to apply for their PhD thesis to be supervised at the Chair. This should be done via email. However, several conditions MUST be met in order to submit an application. Please understand that if these requirements are not fulfilled your application cannot be considered.


(1)   The Law Faculty’s Code of PhD Studies (Promotionsordnung) requires any Grade obtained to be equivalent to a German Legal Degree (Erste Juristische Pruefung) passed with the mention “fully satisfactory” or better, which means ranking in about the top 10 % of the respective class or year. Proof of this should be submitted along with a CV.


(2)   Furthermore, due to high demand for supervision of PhD theses from international students at the Chair applications can only be considered if the applicant is prepared to work on a topic related to International or National Insurance Law. The national law chosen need not be German law, and the PhD thesis may be originally written in English, French or Italian, but the connection to Insurance is vital. Apart from a draft title, an outline of a specific topic has to be submitted so as to draw a clear picture of what the PhD student wants to focus on, even if the topic will finally be settled with the advice and assistance of the Chair.


(3) Applications by Chinese CSC applicants have to be submitted to the Beijing Office of Freie Universitaet Berlin (see link on the left) and NOT directly to the Chair. They will then be forwarded to the Chair by the Beijing Office of FU Berlin.