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Research focuses :


Private Law (especially : German Civil Code, General Part)

Insurance Law (contracts, regulation, companies, conflicts)

Company Law

Private International Law

Foreign legislation : EU member states' private legal systems (in particular: France, Italy, United Kingdom) as well as Switzerland

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Research cooperations:


Verein zur Förderung der Versicherungswissenschaft in Berlin e.V.

Deutscher Verein für Versicherungswissenschaft e.V.

Deutsche Notarrechtliche Vereinigung e.V.

Notarkammer Berlin


Current research projects:


German Civil Code, General Part (Commentaries; Educational material)

Insurance Law: especially German Insurance Code, European and German insurance regulation (Commentaries in Prölss/Martin und MünchKomm-VVG, Versicherungsrechts-Handbuch, VAG-Handbuch, lectures, manuscript, papers)

Company Law (papers)

Arbitration legislation (papers)

German Notarisation Act (Commentary Armbrüster/Preuß/Renner)