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FU Law Clinic "Practice of Criminal Defence" / Law Clinic "Post-Conviction"

"Praxis der Strafverteidigung"

"Praxis der Strafverteidigung"

The Department of Law at the Freie Universität Berlin has been holding the FU Law Clinic “Practice of Criminal Defence" since summer semester 2014. In each two-semester round, participants become acquainted with the various activities of criminal defence through intensive and practical learning.

The FU Law Clinic combines three elements of the regular curriculum into an innovative type of teaching. It offers the possibility of acquiring credits necessary for the completion of a law degree: a proof of key qualifications ("Schlüsselqualifikationsschein"), an internship certificate and a seminar certificate.

Further Information

With the new Post-Conviction Clinic we want to introduce students to post-conviction legal counseling in criminal cases. The Law Clinic runs for one academic year. In the winter term, a seminar with regular appointments during the lecture period and a block at the end of the lecture period will introduce students to problems encountered by convicts during the enforcement of sentences. The focus is on the execution of sentences and retrial. In the following semesters, participants will be given the opportunity to actively participate in the review of possible miscarriages of justice.