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Update: Introduction into US Criminal Procedure and Attorney Skills in Criminal Trials

News from Sep 27, 2019

UPDATE: We have extended the registration deadline to the 04.10.2019.

We are happy to welcome Prof. Frank Bress of the NYLS again this year. In the last week of the lecture-free period (7.10.2019 – 11.10.2019) him and Prof. Momsen will hold the course „Introduction into US Criminal Procedure and Attorney Skills in Criminal Trials” for the first time. 

You will not only get insight into the US-american criminal justice system but also an intense display of the defense practice as well as the possibility to use and practice the acquired skills in practice situations and a relaxed atmosphere.

The course will begin with a „Introduction into American Criminal Justice to create a basis for the rest of the course and give the participants an insight into the material. The actual program will take place from Tuesday until Thursday. On Friday there will be the possibility for discussions or questions.

The program will be divided into three units: Information Acquisition Part 1, Information Acquisition Part 2 and Story Telling. Using an exemplary case, students will be taught skills like the structured and precise description of crimes, efficient and targeted witness questioning and the effects of “Storytelling” for the understanding and assessment by listeners. 

The course takes place Monday and Friday from 10/11 am to 1 pm and Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm. Around 12 students can actively participate. Additionally, around 15 students can take part as observants and possibly critics, who can be included in some parts of the exercises. 

If you want to participate, please send us an E-mail until the 04.10.2019 to lawclinic@zedat.fu-berlin.de and let us know whether you’d like to be an active participant or an observant.

We hope for high participation and look forward to an interesting last week before the lectures start again! 

45 / 65