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The Team

Niklas Marxen, Roxane Wolff, Stephan Miletzki (from left to right)

Roxane Wolff

comes from Strasburg and is in her 5th semester as an exchange student at the Faculty of Law at the Freie Universitaet Berlin. Parallel to her Bachelor in Law, she finished her studies in EU Law at the University of Strasburg (D.U. en Droits Européens) and completed an internship at a law firm with a focus on European labor law in June and July 2014. By participating in the ELMC she wants to deepen her interest in European Law and develop practical skills in this field. She speaks good English, German and French (native speaker).

Stephan Miletzki

is in his 7th semester of Law at the Freie Universitaet Berlin. He holds a Bachelor degree in EU Law from the Universities of Maastricht and Edinburgh. He has studied EU and UK competition law in Edinburgh and intends to continue with this field of studies at the FU Berlin. He is very enthusiastic to represent the FU Berlin after his successful participation at the ICCC Competition (Third and First Place) representing the University of Maastricht and the Netherlands. His English language skills are on a proficiency level and he speaks French.

Niklas Marxen

studies Law at the FU Berlin in the 7th semester. He has just completed his specialization in the “Internationalisation of the Legal System” and, in the process, could improve his knowledge in EU Law. In the second semester he was a finalist in the Constitutional Law Moot Court competition at the FU Berlin. Niklas speaks fluent English and has good knowledge of Spanish.