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Young Scholars Round Table

Due to the impressive number of younger participants taking part in the conference we have decided to make an important addition to the programme: an open format that we call the Young Scholars’ Round Table. The Round Table is a format in which participants can get to know each other, exchange ideas about their current research.

It will take place immediately after the official end of the conference (Friday, 11.10.13. 5.30pm at Boltzmannstraße 3, Room 4404; meeting point at conference venue (Henry-Ford-Building, in front of the stairs (foyer).

Everybody is very welcome to take part, whether they consider themselves young or they are interested in getting in contact with our younger participants to let them benefit from their experiences. We hope that following the conference sessions, the Round Table will provide a useful forum for a deeper understanding of these issues to take root, and for new and dynamic approaches to them to flourish.