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New “support.point “ at the Department of Law

Doubts about your choice of subject? Procrastination or high demands in your studies? Stress, exhaustion or anxiety? Private challenges or the search for a psychotherapy place? Whatever is bothering you, psychologists at support.points at the FU will be happy to help you with these and any other concerns you may have about your mental health.

During a counseling session up to 30 minutes, we can clarify your concerns and needs, and point out support services within and outside the university. The consultations are confidential and the staff members are bound to secrecy. All support.points are open to all students and employees of the FU. You are free to decide which support.point you would like to go to. If you wish, conversations can also be conducted anonymously.

The psychologist responsible for the support.point at the Department of Law is me, Julian Rau. My office is located at Boltzmannstr. 3 in room 1109 (ground floor).

I offer open office hours (without appointment) and appointment hours (with appointment) in German and English. An overview of the office hours as well as the link to book an appointment can be found here: support.points • Mental Wellbeing • Freie Universität Berlin (fu-berlin.de)

Please always check the current office hours online, as changes may occur at short notice.

For all inquiries you can send an e-mail at support.point.rewi@studienberatung.fu-berlin.de.

All information about the support.points, as well as information about the search for a psychotherapy place can be found on our website at Mental Wellbeing • Freie Universität Berlin (fu-berlin.de)

Julian Rau