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Which counseling options do I have?

For many students, enrolling at a university marks the start of a new stage in their lives. As exciting and enriching as student life may be, it also requires different ways of organizing everyday life, thus, often causing insecurity and discomfort. Freie Universität Berlin supports its students by offering a number of places to turn to for advice and information.

  • The Student Services Center (SSC) is the first address for all concerns related to studying at Freie Universität. Those seeking advice should first contact the Info-Service Studium with any concerns, however.
  • The Psychological Counseling Service offers you individual counseling, training courses, and workshops. They can support you in your personal development and in improving your study skills. Also, personal problems can be addressed at this service unit.
  • For MBL-FU students, specialized academic advising is available throughout the entire study year. The MBL-FU staff is glad to help out with any questions you may have during your studies with us. We offer counseling in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.