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Willem C. Vis Commercial Arbitration Moot Court


Course Type and Contact Hours

Project group (2 - 4 hrs per week) + final competition in Vienna

Length of the Project

The course will start in October and end with the final competition in April. Participants must take part in all activities.

Course Language



10 (if exam has been passed)


The course will be held in every winter semester.

Time Schedule and Course Venue

An up-to-date electronic course catalogue for the winter semester will be available on the website http://www.fu-berlin.de/vv from late August to late February. Please select "Fachbereiche" - "Rechtswissenschaft" - "Staatsexamensstudiengang" and "Rechtswissenschaft" in order to access the Law courses.

Course Description

The goal of the Vis Arbitral Moot Court is to foster the study of international commercial law and arbitration for resolution of international business disputes through its application to a concrete problem of a client and to train law leaders of tomorrow in methods of alternative dispute resolution.

The Moot involves a dispute arising out of a contract of sale between two countries that are party to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The contract provides that any dispute that might arise is to be settled by arbitration in Danubia, a country that has enacted the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration and is a party to the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. The arbitral rules to be applied rotate yearly among the arbitration rules of co-sponsors of the Moot.

The problem is distributed by posting on the Moot web site on the first Friday in October. A memorandum supporting the position of the claimant is due in Vienna early December. Each participating team is sent a copy of the memorandum for claimant of one of the other teams in the Moot. A memorandum for respondent is prepared in response to the memorandum received, and is due in Vienna in mid-February. The oral arguments take place in Vienna, beginning on the Saturday a week prior to Easter and closing on Thursday of Easter week. The general rounds of the oral arguments take place at the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna (Juridicum) on Saturday through Tuesday. Elimination rounds among the highest ranking teams take place on Wednesday and Thursday, culminating in the final argument. The Moot closes with an awards banquet following the final argument.

Course Registration

Applications should be sent via e-mail to: fuberlinvismoot@gmail.com by 31 July 2014. Please include:
- short letter of motivation in English
- CV
- recent transcript of records
- proof of English language skills (if available) 


Grading will be based on the students' oral and written performances.

More Information and Contact Dates