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European Consumer Law


Course Type and Contact Hours

Lecture / 2 hrs per week

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The course will be held at irregular intervals. It will be available in the winter term 2014/15.

Time Schedule and Course Venue

An up-to-date electronic course catalogue will be available on the website http://www.fu-berlin.de/vv for the winter semester from late August to late February and for the summer semester from late February to mid August. Please select "Fachbereiche" - "Rechtswissenschaft" - "Staatsexamensstudiengang" and "Rechtswissenschaft" in order to access the Law courses.

Course Description

This course deals with the general ideas as well as recent developments in European Consumer Law. We are going to acquaint ourselves with the Directives on consumer protection in force at the moment. Afterwards, we will take a closer look at the Consumer Sales Directive (1999/44/EC) and the Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EU). European Consumer Law also has been shaped by the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union. We are therefore going to take a closer look at seminal cases. Finally, we will analyse whether and how the proposal of a Common European Sales Law would affect existent legislation if it entered into force. This course is an offer directed mainly at our guests from abroad. However, domestic students will be able to achieve a "Nachweis der rechtswissenschaftlichen Fremdsprachenkompetenz". The course will be accompanied by a presentation which you can download at the beginning of the semester from the "Blackboard", the online learning platform of FU Berlin.


Literature (recommended for look-up, you do not have to buy and/or read all of these)

  • Micklitz et al., European Consumer Law, 2nd ed. 2014

  • Ramsay, Consumer Law and Policy, 3rd ed. 2012

  • Devenney/Kenny, European Consumer Protection, 2012

Course Registration

Prior registration for this course is not required.


There will be an opportunity to take a closed-book exam (90 minutes) or an oral exam, depending on the requirements of your program of study.

Registration for the Exam

Students have to register for the exam with the course instructor. They are not required to register formally at the Examination Office.