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European Immigration Law

Course Level

intermediate - advanced / 3rd - 4th year

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Course Classification

This is a Themis course. It is also open to non-Themis students.

Teaching Mode

face-to-face teaching

Contact Hours

2 hrs per week


5 (if course has been attended regularly and exam has been passed)


This course will be held in nearly every winter term.

Time Schedule and Course Venue

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Course Content

This course provides an analysis of EU law relating to migration. The module is divided into six parts. The first part covers the law relating to the free movement of EU citizens and their families. The course then explores the entry of non-EU (third country) nationals and aspects of the external borders control. The third part analyzes the legal migration of third country nationals including long-term residents, economic migrants and family members. Then, the course focuses on the common EU Asylum system. The fifth part deals with issues of irregular migration. Finally, the course examines the role of human rights provisions for the EU Immigration and Asylum Law. The main textbook for this course will be European Migration Law (2nd edition, Intersentia, 2014) by Pieter Boeles, Maarten den Heijer, Gerrie Lodder, Kees Wouters, although materials will also be used from the other assigned textbooks. Lectures will be enriched with articles and court decisions.

Recommended reading

  •  Pieter Boeles, Maarten den Heijer, Gerrie Lodder, Kees Wouters, European Migration Law (Intersentia, 2014).

  • Steve Peers, Elspeth Guild and Jonathan Tomkin (ed.), EU Immigration Law (Text and Commentary), Volume 1 (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2012).

  • Steve Peers, Elspeth Guild, Diego Acosta, Kees Groenendijk and Violeta Moreno-Lax (ed.), EU Immigration Law (Text and Commentary), Volume 2 (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2012).

  • Kay Hailbronner (ed.), EU Immigration and Asylum Law, Commentary on EU Regulations and Directives (Beck, 2010).

Restricted Enrollment

no (that means that everyone who signs up for this course in time can take part in this course)

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registration period: 2 October 2023, 9 a.m. - 3 November 2023

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After the regular drop period you can only drop this course with a valid cause until 14 days prior to the exam. Please contact the International Office at the Law Department if you have to use this option.

Type of Exam

There will be a written final examination.

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The exam will probably take place in the last week of the lecture period. → Academic Calendar

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