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Derecho Internacional Público

Course Level

intermediate - advanced / 3rd - 4th year

Course Language


Course Classification

This is a Themis course. It is also open to non-Themis students.

Course Type
online course in the summer term 2021, no classroom teaching
Contact Hours
2 hrs per week
Students must be online during the dates and times provided in the course catalogue. Please check the course hours through the link provided under the headline "Time Schedule and Course Venue" (below).


5 (if course has been attended regularly and exam has been passed)


This course will be taught at irregular intervals. It will be available rather in the summer term than in the winter term.

Time Schedule and Course Venue

An up-to-date electronic course catalogue for the summer semester will be available on the website http://www.fu-berlin.de/vv from late February to mid August. Please select "Fachbereiche" - "Rechtswissenschaft" - "Staatsexamensstudiengang" and "Rechtswissenschaft (SPO 2015)" in order to access the Law courses.

Course Description

El curso tiene como finalidad la adquisición de competencias en el manejo de los contenidos fundamentales del Derecho Internacional Público en idioma español. En el mismo se desarrollarán los temas principales de esta materia, tales como concepto, tratados internacionales y otras fuentes, sujetos del derecho internacional -especialmente el Estado en el orden jurídico internacional y las organizaciones internacionales (Organización de Naciones Unidas)-, derecho del mar, derechos humanos, la responsabilidad internacional del Estado y del individuo, el uso de la fuerza en el derecho internacional y el derecho humanitario, entre otros. El curso se dictará totalmente en lengua española en clases participativas por lo que está dirigido a estudiantes con conocimientos a nivel de conversación en esa lengua.

Restricted Enrollment

yes (that means that the number of participants is limited and that you might not get a place in this course)

Course Registration

via Campus Management

Please sign up for this course under the module "Study Program for Exchange Students - Module 16".
registration period: 1 - 9 April 2021, 12 p.m. (noon)
In order to know if you have obtained a place in this course, please check out your course plan on Campus Management (tab "Stundenplan") from 10 April 2021.
As long as there are still seats available after the registration period has expired, they will be allocated according to the principle "first come, first served" if you sign up by 30 April 2021.

De-Registration from this Course

via Campus Management

regular drop period: 1 - 30 April 2021

After the regular drop period you can only drop this course with a valid cause until 14 days prior to the exam. Please contact the International Office at the Law Department if you have to use this option.

Type of Exam

There will be a written final examination.

Exam Period

The exam will probably take place in the last week of the lecture period. → Academic Calendar

Registration for the Exam

Students will automatically be registered for the exam when they sign up for this course.

De-Registration from the Exam

Students who drop this course via Campus Management are automatically de-registered from the exam. Students who do not drop this course via Campus Management and do not take the exam, are going to finish this course with a non-passing grade (0 points).

Grade Release

via Campus Management