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Guest Lecture by Dr. Tatiana Khripachenko: "Beyond the Borders of the Fallen Empire"

News vom 18.05.2021

In the context of the course "Human Rights: Law, Politics, History" Dr. Tatiana Khripachenko will give a guest lecture on "Beyond The Borders of the Fallen Empire: André Mandelstam and his Project for Non-Territorial Administration".

The lecture will take place on Tuesday, 25 May 2021, from 11:15 onwards and will be followed by a Q&A and discussion. While not open to the general public, a limited number of additional participants can be accommodated. If you are interested in joining the Webex session please write to Ms. Kerstin Oelstrom (kerstin.oelstrom@fu-berlin.de).

Dr. Tatiana Khripachenko is historian and Research Associate at the Southern Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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