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Robert Koeller MBL (FU Berlin)

Department of Law

Research Fellow

Boltzmannstr. 3
Room 2207
14195 Berlin
030 838 465556

Office hours

By appointment (via email)

Mr Koeller joined the MBL-FU team in 2018. Being a graduate of the program himself, he has valuable insight into the structure and demands of the MBL-FU. He is currently working on topics such as International IP Enforcement and antitrust enforcement. Mr Koeller has a background in U.S. Antitrust, Tax, and Business Law and Policy, having earned his J.D. at the University of Connecticut. He has further experience in the International Application of Competition Law with a Focus on Europe and the US. He currently teaches courses related to Economic Foundations of Trade and Competition Law, US Approaches to Antitrust, and International Intellectual Property Law.

International Intellectual Property Law & Policy

U.S. Antitrust Policy

International Business Law

Private Antitrust Enforcement