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Where can I learn German?

Even though you do not need to know German to attend our program, you might be interested in taking language classes. The options for doing so are manyfold.

The university’s Language Center offers a host of courses throughout the year. Most of these courses are designed for people who already know basic German; depending on time and class size, they may be subject to a fee. If you are interested in a more personal way of studying, you might want to check out the Center’s offers for tandem language partnerships.

Apart from the university, there are many different language schools which offer German classes at different levels and conditions. Amongst them are Berlin’s branch of the Goethe-Institut, Germany’s respected cultural institute, as well as the state’s adult education centers, the so-called Volkshochschulen. You can find the latter in all parts of town; they offer an immense variety of classes on all kinds of topics.