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L'Unificazione Nazionale Italiana e il Contributo dei Giuristi

Course Level

intermediate - advanced / 3rd - 4th year

Course Language


Course Classification

This is a Themis course (for Themis students who do not study in Italy). It is also open to non-Themis students.

Course Type and Contact Hours

Lecture / 2 hrs per week


8 (if course has been attended regularly and exam has been passed)

Course Organization
face-to-face teaching


This course will be held at irregular intervals. It will be available in the winter term 2021/22.

Time Schedule and Course Venue

This course is going to take place at the Institute for Italian Studies, not at the Law Department!
Please check out the electronic course catalogue.

Course Description

L’Italia, insieme alla Germania, è spesso stata definita come una “nazione in ritardo”. Tuttavia, a differenza del caso tedesco, l’unificazione italiana si realizza anche tramite un rapido processo di accentramento istituzionale. Il corso intende mostrare il contributo offerto dai giuristi nel processo di unificazione nazionale italiano, in particolare nel XIX secolo.


Il materiale didattico sarà fornito durante il corso. Utile è la lettura di P. Grossi, Il diritto nella storia dell'Italia unita, Editoriale Scientifica 2012 e del capitolo Revolution und Risorgimento in C. Dipper, Ferne Nachbarn. Vergleichende Studien zu Deutschland und Italien in der Moderne, Böhlau Verlag, Köln Weimar Wien, 2018.

 Restricted Enrollment

yes (that means that the number of participants is limited and that you might not get a place in this course)

Course Registration

Law students will not be enrolled for this course via Campus Management. Please write an e-mail to Ms. Santangelo and Ms. De Francesco from the Center for Italian Studies at italstud@zedat.fu-berlin.de in order to be admitted to this course.

De-Registration from this Course

You can only drop this course with a valid cause until 14 days prior to the exam. Please contact the International Office at the Law Department and Ms. Santangelo & Ms. De Francesco from the Center for Italian Studies at italstud@zedat.fu-berlin.de if you have to use this option.

Type of Exam

L’esame consiste in una tesina scritta o in colloquio orale.

Exam Period

Please ask the course instructor at the beginning of this course.

Registration for the Exam

Students will automatically be registered for the exam when they sign up for this course.

De-Registration from the Exam

Students who drop this course via Campus Management are automatically de-registered from the exam. Students who do not drop this course via Campus Management and do not take the exam, are going to finish this course with a non-passing grade (0 points).

Grade Release

It will technically not be possible for the professor to enter your grade on Campus Management

Please make sure that Ms. Santangelo and Ms. De Francesco from the Center for Italian Studies (italstud@zedat.fu-berlin.de) transmit your grade to the International Office at the Law Department.