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Sanitary Measures for the Orientation Days at the FU Law School to Prevent the Spread of the Corona Virus

Dear incoming exchange students,

We are happy to welcome you to our orientation days in person! We all hope that the upcoming semester will be one with many personal meetings and a vibrant on-campus experience.

In order to reach that goal, we will have to comply with the sanitary measures mentioned below. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

What you Need to Bring

  • an FFP 2 mask
  • your mobile phone with a QR code scanner
  • a proof of being tested, or vaccinated, or having recovered
  • a picture ID
  • warm clothes
  • an own blanket (or towel) for our meeting at Tempelhofer Feld

Entry Requirements for the Law School Buildings

Everyone must wear a face mask inside our buildings. The "gold standard" in Germany is the so-called FFP 2-mask which doesn't only protect the people around you, but also yourself. Please use this type of mask; you will also need an FFP 2-mask while you are using public transport (BVG).

You are only allowed to enter the buildings

  • either with a negative Covid-19 test (details below)
  • or if you are fully vaccinated (details below)
  • or if you have recovered from a Covid-19 infection (details below)

Test Requirements

You must have

  • either a so-called PCR-test, with a negative result not older than 48 hours
    PCR tests are not available for free.
  • or an Antigen rapid test, from a test center (no self-test), with a negative result not older than 24 hours
    Antigen tests are still offered for free to everyone at many test centers throughout Berlin until October 11th.

Vaccination Requirements

You must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine recognized by the European Medicines Agency (Comirnaty BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Astra Zeneca)

Should you have received your first shot of vaccine only, please make a Covid test for the orientation days and look for a doctor or a vaccination center here in Berlin where you can get your second shot. (This is not required if you got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.)

Should you have received your last shot of vaccine in a period not long enough for the vaccine to become fully effective (less than 14 days), please make a Covid test for the orientation days.

Should you have received a vaccine which is not recognized by the European Medicines Agency, please make a test for the orientation days. Antigen rapid tests will continue to be free for you at the test centers here in Berlin after October 11th.

Recovery Requirements

You must show a proof of a positive PCR test from a date which is more than 28 days, but no longer than 6 months ago.

People who are not able to prove that they fulfill one of the above-mentioned requirements, will be asked to leave the building.

During our orientation days, the Law School's International Office will check you several times: Before our "Meet and Greet" session on October 4th, before our Study Info Session on October 6th, before our Campus Tour on October 8th, before the library tour on October 12th and during our gathering at the Tempelhofer Feld. There might be more random checks by security staff on other days in the FU buildings.

What Needs to be Done in the Classrooms or in the Library

We will have to wear an FFP 2 mask during the whole time, also the person who is speaking.

Once you have reached your chair, please scan the QR code on this chair. The FU tracing app an.wesen.de will open. Please enter your data. Please don't move the tables and chairs and avoid to move around a lot.

We will have the windows open. Please wear warm clothes.

What Needs to be Taken Care of when we Meet Outside

We will also have to check your test status, vaccination status, or recovery status when we stay outside.

You will also be asked to use the FU tracing app an.wesen.de

Once we enter buildings, everyone needs to wear an FFP 2-mask.

Alcohol is not allowed in public areas and parks (Tempelhofer Feld).

For the gathering at Tempelhofer Feld, everyone needs to bring their own blanket. Please place it in a way that keeps a distance to other people.