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FU-Delegation receives two Awards at NMUN Germany 2023

FU-Delegation Bangladesh

FU-Delegation Bangladesh

Embassy of Bangladesh meets FU-Delegation at NMUN Germany 2023

FU-Delegation Bangladesh and Mr. Tanvir Kabir, Embassy of Bangladesh

Embassy of Bangladesh visits in Erfurt

News vom 28.11.2023

FU Berlin-Delegation returns successfully from the National Model United Nations Germany 2023 Conference

After long and intense negotiations in Erfurt, our Delegation to NMUN Germany representing Bangladesh felt honored to receive a Distinguished Delegation Award (2nd place) and an Outstanding Position Paper Award in the UN Environment Assembly. The six students from different faculties participated actively in the UN Environment Assembly, the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly Plenary and sponsored several resolutions, making the voices of the so called Global South heard.

Our most outstanding Award truly was the visit of Mr. Tanvir Kabir, Political Counsellor, Embassy of Bangladesh, in Erfurt. The FU-Delegation of Bangladesh not only gained immeasurable insights into Bangladesh's Foreign Policy and Positions during his Briefing at FU Berlin, but cherished his patronage and encouragement at NMUN Germany 2023 immensely.

The Faculty of Law has generously supported our participation financially. We like to thank the Embassy of Bangladesh in Berlin for the tremendous support they gave us, as well!

NMUN not only takes place every spring in New York City, which we have been attending for more than 25 years. NMUN Conferences are now  being held  at irregular intervals in Japan, Ecuador and Canada, for example. From 21 - 25 November 2023, NMUN Germany took take place in Erfurt.

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