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Gastprofessur von Kurt Strasser, University of Connecticut School of Law

Professor Kurt Strasser ist Inhaber des Phillip I. Blumberg-Lehrstuhls an unserer langjährigen Partneruniversität University of Connecticut School of Law. Seine Forschungsinteressen liegen im Wettbewerbs- und Kartellrecht sowie im Umweltrecht.

Am Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft der Freien Universität Berlin hat er im Rahmen der DAAD-Gastprofessur für anglo-amerikanisches Recht im Sommersemester 2003 die folgenden Kurse unterrichtet:



Contracts deals with enforcing agreements made by private parties. Subjects covered include offer and acceptance, consideration, promisory estoppel, third party beneficiaries, assignments, statute of frauds, contractual situations involving discharge, conditions, failure of performances, legal and equitable remedies of damages and restitution in contractual and quasi-contractual situations, reformation, cancellation and recession for fraud, duress, undue influence, and mistake.



This course is a survey of the common law and statutory regulation of the competitive practices and industrial structure of American business. Particular attention is devoted to the interpretation and administration of the Sherman, Clayton and Federal Trade Commission Acts.