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Contract Law in Europe - Recent developments


Dozent/inUniv.-Prof. Dr. Christian Armbrüster, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Grothe
RaumVan't Hoff Strasse - Hauptgebäude Hörsaal III
Beginn15.10.2007 | 14:00

Results of the Final EXAM of04 Feb 2008 are published in the file below, the password is the name of the country of the case "senior citizen trip"  Exams & Schein are deposited with Fr. Klimek, Secretary of Prof. Grothe

The results of the exam can be found here:  /fb9/einrichtungen/we1/professoren/ls_armbruester/veranstaltungen/0708ws/aContract_Law/ergebnisse0708.pdf        The password for the file is the name of the country of the case "Senior citizin trip" in English. If you haven taken the exam, you will know. Capital letter at the beginning, rest small caps  For example:  Takatukaland    


        If you have any questions, mail  roland.krause#at# fu-berlin.de .