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Lena Riemer

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14195 Berlin


Riemer, Lena Keep out! – Libya’s “Search and Rescue Region” to ban NGO rescue vessels violates international law Flüchtlingsforschungsblog, post of 29. September 2017, available at: http://fluechtlingsforschung.net/keep-out-libyas-search-and-rescue-region-to-ban-ngo-rescue-vessels-violates-international-law/.

Riemer, Lena Draußen bleiben! - Libyens Sperrung der "Such- und Rettungszone" für NGO-Rettungsschiffe als Verstoß gegen das Völkerrecht Flüchtlingsforschungsblog, post of 29. September 2017, available at: http://fluechtlingsforschung.net/drausen-bleiben-libyens-sperrung-der-such-und-rettungszone-fur-ngo-rettungsschiffe-als-verstos-gegen-das-volkerrecht/.

Riemer Lena, Returns Without Examinations, Völkerrechtsblog, 4 October 2017, doi: 10.17176/20171004-095445, post of 04. October 2017, available at: http://voelkerrechtsblog.org/returns-without-examinations/.

Riemer, Lena Heuchlerisches Doppelspiel der Europäischen Union in LibyenHilfen für einen desolaten Staat, Flüchtlingsforschungsblog, post of 11 December 2017, available at: http://fluechtlingsforschung.net/hilfen-fur-einen-desolaten-staat/.

Riemer, Lena The European Union’s hypocrisy in Libya: Training and blaming local authorities?, Flüchtlings-forschungsblog, post of 11. December 2017, available at: http://fluechtlingsforschung.net/training-blaming-local-authorities/.

Riemer, Lena Moreno-Lax, Violeta/Papastavridis, Efthymios (Hrsg.), ,Boat Refugees‘ and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach. Integrating Maritime Security with Human Rights Zeitschrift für Ausländer-recht und Ausländerpolitik, 2018, No. 1.

Riemer, Lena From push-backs to pull-backs: The EU’s new deterrence strategy faces legal challenge, Flüchtlingsforschungsblog, post of 16. June 2018, available at: https://fluechtlingsforschung.net/from-push-backs-to-pull-backs-the-eus-new-deterrence-strategy-faces-legal-challenge/.

Riemer, Lena Flüchtlingsforschung gegen Mythen 6 (refugee research against myths 6), Flüchtlingsfor-schungsblog, comment of 20 June 2018, available at: https://fluechtlingsforschung.net/fluchtlingsforschung-gegen-mythen-6/.

Riemer, Lena Unpicking the Asylum Scandal That Shook Germany, Refugees Deeply, comment of 21. June 2018, available at: https://www.newsdeeply.com/refugees/community/2018/06/21/unpicking-the-asylum-scandal-that-shook-germany.

Riemer, Lena Trumps latest attack on international law: how the nomination of judge Kavanaugh to the supreme court could shape the USA’s approach to international obligations, Völkerrechtsblog, 19 September 2018, available at: http://voelkerrechtsblog.org/trumps-latest-attack-on-international-law-how-the-nomination-of-judge-kavanaugh-to-the-supreme-court-could-shape-the-usas-approach-to-international-obligations/.

Riemer, Lena How Trump’s Migration Policy Erodes National and International Standards of Protection for Migrants and Asylum Seekers, EJIL:Talk!, 28 November 2018, available at: https://www.ejiltalk.org/how-trumps-migration-policy-erodes-national-and-international-standards-of-protection-for-migrants-and-asylum-seekers/.

Riemer, Lena and Rose-Ackerman, Susan What’s Really Wrong with the Census, Balkinization, 4 De-cember 2018, available at: https://balkin.blogspot.com/2018/12/whats-really-wrong-with-census.html.

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Riemer, Lena The ECtHR as a drowning ‘Island of Hope’?’ Its impending reversal of the interpretation of collective expulsion is a warning signal, Verfassungsblog, 19 February 2019, available at: https://verfassungsblog.de/the-ecthr-as-a-drowning-island-of-hope-its-impending-reversal-of-the-interpretation-of-collective-expulsion-is-a-warning-signal/.

Riemer, Lena The World ignores Mass Detention of Migrants: Governments rely on inhumane treat-ment of migrants and asylum seekers as a deterrence strategy, joining a dangerous race to the bot-tom, YaleGlobal Online, 9 April 2019, available at: https://yaleglobal.yale.edu/content/world-ignores-mass-detentions-migrants.

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Riemer, Lena Carrot and Stick: How Western States Lure and Pressure Third States into Cooperating in Migration Control and What This Means for Migrants’ Rights Opinio Juris, 22 July 2019, available at: http://opiniojuris.org/2019/07/22/carrot-and-stick-how-western-states-lure-and-pressure-third-states-into-cooperating-in-migration-control-and-what-this-means-for-migrants-rights/.