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The MBL-FU is a master degree for persons who already have an undergraduate qualification. To be admitted, applicants must have a German or foreign university degree, preferably with a primary focus on law. The MBL-FU is not a general legal qualification. It is a highly specialised course and as such is only attractive for persons who have already dealt with regulatory law and either work in this area or plan to do so.

Applications for the MBL-FU programme can be made via the via the university's application portal only. All requested application documents must be uploaded to the application portal. Any application documents we receive via Email or regular post cannot be considered in the admission process. Only in case of admission and enrolment will you be asked to submit all relevant documents via post.

For more details about the application procedure, please fill and send the information request form here.

Please note that uni-assist is not a part of our application process.

Please submit your application documents either in German or English. If your documents were not originally issued in German or English, you are required to submit them translated into German or English by a certified translator.

No. All requested application documents must be uploaded to the application portal of Freie Universität Berlin completely and within the period stipulated. Application documents we receive via Email or regular post won't be considered in the admission process.

After receiving your application, the Admission Office at Freie Universität Berlin collects your data and transfers the application to the Academic Study and Examination Office at the Law Department. There, your application will be evaluated with regard to form and content. Please note that it is up to applicants themselves to make sure their application documents are complete. The Admission Committee decides whether or not an interview is required. If so, you will be contacted by email, interviews take place in summer. About four weeks after the application deadline, the Academic Study and Examination Office contacts the chosen candidates by email to inform them about their admission and the subsequent enrolment procedure. Rejection letters are sent by postal service.

As of the end of June, all applicants can check their application status at the university's application portal.

There is no age limit for admission to the MBL-FU programme. All applicants that fulfill our admission requirements will be considered in the admission process.

Tuition fees for the first term are to be paid upon admission to the MBL-FU programme. Tuition fees for the second term are due in February but can be paid beforehand if desired.

Confirmation of payment of the tuition fees and semester fees and contributions is necessary for enrolment at Freie Universität Berlin and therefore must be presented until the enrolment deadline.

If students do not take up their studies or if they drop out of the programme within four weeks after commencing their studies, they must pay half of the fees for the first semester. Any payments exceeding this sum will be refunded. If the student drops out of the programme at a later point, the entire fee for the whole duration of the programme must be paid.

Apart from the tuition fees for the MBL-FU programme, Freie Universität Berlin charges semester fees and contributions for every term. These cover the so-called "semester ticket" for the local public transport (tariff zones ABC).

For more information about the amount currently charged and the components of the fees, please see here.

To be admitted to the MBL-FU programme, evidence of subsequent work experience usually not less than one year after having completed the first academic degree must be provided for application. We can accept all kinds of professional experience, internships included, as long as these job activities were performed after the first university degree.

Given the high professional standard of our curriculum, however, work experience made in fields related to our programme foci are given preference in the admission process.

After the application deadline, it normally takes about 3-4 weeks for the Admission Committee to take its final decision about admissions. All applicants will be informed about the status of their application by the end of May approximately. Also around the end of May, applicants can check at the application portal if they have been admitted or rejected.