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Historic plate at the entrance of the Law Department

Historic plate at the entrance of the Law Department
Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

Dear Students,

our Master’s Programme of European and International Business, Competition and Regulatory Law (MBL-FU) was initiated in 2010 by our esteemed colleague emeritus, Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. pol. Dres. h.c. Franz Jürgen Säcker, and has established itself successfully in the academic landscape. From March 2014 until March 2018, the program grew under the auspices of Frau Prof. Dr. Heike Schweitzer (LLM Yale) as academic director. Since the summer of 2018 our new Academic Director is Dr. Juliane Mendelsohn who earned her PhD here at the Freie Universität Berlin, and has been a successful researcher in competition law.

The course aspires to educate the future young leaders working in the field of competition/antitrust and/or regulatory law. The program will allow the students to establish themselves as specialists in this field, with an excellent understanding of the legal and economic underpinnings of the relevant issues of great practical relevance. Our students receive a legal and economic training that is immediately useful for hands-on work in a competition authority, law firm, in-house legal department or for further academic pursuits in the legal field.

As of the academic year 2014/2015, this profile has been further sharpened: we have strengthened the international and transatlantic as well as the interdisciplinary focus of the program. Students will be taught by leading academics and practitioners from the EU and the US and hence understand both perspectives, with their commonalities and differences. Apart from the legal perspective, the economics of competition and regulation will be a focus throughout. On the substance, the competition/antitrust law agenda has been expanded. Similarly, IP law will receive more attention. The intersection of competition law and IP is a field full of tension that we offer to explore. In the field of regulation, telecommunications and internet law will be dealt with, as well as the fundamentals of energy law.

The Master of European and International Business, Competition and Regulatory Law (MBL-FU) is based on a learning concept which combines traditional "in-class" teaching with electronic communication via the university's internet platform and independent study. The MBL leaves room for the opportunity to seek part-time auxiliary employment in a complementary field of practice. Apart from professors of business law, specialized legal practitioners from competition and regulation authorities and law firms with a great deal of case experience will instruct the students.

In the increasingly conflicted global atmosphere it is now more important than ever to forge a strong international bond between the leaders of the international business and competition law world. We hope that successful students, as leaders of tomorrow will be able to successfully shape the world of competition law across the globe.

Since the founding of the program almost a decade ago we have grown from a handful of candidates to upwards of thirty students who successfully complete this challenging course last academic year. We wish you success in completing the course and an enjoyable teamwork with students from all over the world in Berlin’s cosmopolitan atmosphere. We hope you can use this opportunity to broaden your horizons and meet lasting new colleagues and friends from across the world.

We Wish you the Best,

The MBL Team