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Stefan Siebert


European Commission, Brussels

DG Competition

Stefan Siebert is Deputy Head of Unit in a Merger Control Unit of the Commission's Competition Directorate-General. His team is responsible for analysing multinational merger cases under the European Merger Control Regulation. Since more than 6 years he coordinates the work of merger case teams in a variety of sectors including energy, automotive or IT. In addition he has also led teams who work on procedural infringement cases in mergers.

Before managing merger cases he worked in DG Competition in the field of energy antitrust (2007-2011) and merger control (2004-2006) where he has dealt with antitrust and merger cases in the field of energy and other sectors and was involved in several policy projects concerning competition law.

Prior to joining the Commission, he worked for the German National Competition Authority Bundeskartellamt and as an assistant lecturer (University of Munich).

Module 3 - European Competition Law
Merger regulation