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Prof. Giorgio Monti


European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Giorgio Monti is the current Head and Professor of the Competition law department at the European University Institute in Florence. Although an Italian national he has developed most of his academic career in the UK, where he taught Competition law first in Leicester University (1993-2001) and then at the London School of Economics and Political Science (2001-2010).

He has supervised numerous successful Ph.D dissertations, always trying to reconcile theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches in the research. Prof Monti is a prolific author in the field of economic law in particular competition law and utilities regulation, where some of his works such as “EC Competition law” are unavoidable texts both for practitioners and scholars alike.

Some of his most recent publications are “Umbrella Pricing as a sword” (2014) and “Behavioural Remedies for Antitrust Infringements – Opportunities and Limitations” (2016).

Module 4: European and International Business and Trade Law

Antitrust Law in EU and US

National Antitrust Law in Comparison with EU and US Antitrust Law