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Dr. Diogo Magalhaes


Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

Diogo Magalhaes is the Assistant Academic Director for the Master of Science in Legal Studies program at Cornell Law School, where he also serves as a Visiting Lecturer of Law. He holds a Doctorate in the Science of Law (JSD) from Cornell Law School, which he earned in 2019, and has taught at Cornell Law School, Chicago-Kent School of Law, Freie Universität Berlin, and the Catholic University of Portugal’s School of Law in Lisbon. Among other courses, Diogo has taught Conflicts of Law; International Trade Law; Introduction to Business and Financial Concepts; European Union Law; European And International Business and Contract Law; and Law, Markets and Globalization. 

While completing his doctorate in European Integration Theory, Diogo also worked on issues of pro-social corporate governance. He helped to create and to launch the non-profit Ethical Shareholder Initiative. Exploring new paradigms within ethical and sustainable corporate governance have become part of his research interests, in addition to his passion for all things EU Law.

Module 1: European and International Business and Contract Law

EU Law - The Common Market and the Economics Constitution of the EU