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Dr. Moritz Jakobs


Federal Cartel Office, Bonn, Germany

Dr. Moritz Jakobs currently works in the International Departement of the Bundeskartellamt (German Competition Authority). He was formerly active as a case handler in the Second Decision Division of the Bundeskartellamt. Prior to joining the Bundeskartellamt in 2015, he worked for two years as a Brussels-based attorney in the Antitrust Group of the international law firm Noerr. He studied law in Göttingen (Germany), Dijon (France) and Florence (Italy). He passed the First State Exam in 2008 and the Second State Exam in 2013. Since 2011, he holds a doctorate from the University of Göttingen and a LL.M. of the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium). He was awarded the Walter Hallstein Preis of the German Embassy in Belgium and the Mayer Brown Legal Business Prize in 2011. Prior to his studies, he spent his community service at a residential care home for people with disabilities.

Module 3: European Competition Law

Abuse of dominant market positions (Art. 102 TFEU)